Want to catch up on the cutting edge of sintering? Then check out the new edition of the Journal of the American Ceramics Society (subscription required). The July JACerS has a special section on Advances in Sintering Science and Technology edited by Rajendra Bordia (University of Wisconsin) and Eugene Olevsky (San Diego State University).

The section contains 19 of the key papers presented at the International Sintering Conference held at in November 2008. According to Bordia and Olevsky, that conference became the largest specialized sintering forum in history that included over 203 presentations from 30 countries.

“[Sintering 2008] addressed the latest advances achieved in the sintering processes for the fabrication of powder-based materials in terms of fundamental understanding, technological issues and industrial applications. The conference has demonstrated a significant progress that has been made in multiscale modeling of densification and microstructure development, better understanding of the processing of complex systems (multilayered, composites, and reactive systems). In sintering technology, innovative approaches like field-assisted sintering (also known as spark plasma sintering) gain more attention of the materials processing community. Another very timely and well-represented topic was sintering and microstructure development in nanostructured materials,” they write.

Here are the paper titles:

  • Particle Rearrangement and Pore Space Coarsening During Solid-State Sintering
  • Evolution of Sintering Anisotropy Using a 2D Finite Difference Method
  • Discussion of Nonconventional Effects in Solid-State Sintering of Cemented Carbides
  • Linearization of Master Sintering Curve
  • Master Sintering Curve Formulated from Constitutive Models
  • Densification of Powder Compact Containing Large and Small Pores
  • An Analysis of Four Different Approaches to Predict and Control Sintering
  • Effect of Different Particle Size Distributions on Solid-State Sintering: A Microscopic Simulation Approach (p
  • Evolution of Defects During Sintering: Discrete Element Simulations
  • Verification, Performance, Validation, and Modifications to the SOVS Continuum Constitutive Model in a Nonlinear Large-Deformation Finite Element Code
  • Three-Dimensional Solar Cell Finite-Element Sintering Simulation
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing of Transparent Nd:YAG Ceramics
  • Microstructural Evolution During Sintering with Control of the Interface StructureA Review on the Sintering and Microstructure Development of Transparent Spinel (MgAl2O4)
  • An Experimental Measurement of Effective Diffusion Distance for the Sintering of Ceramics
  • Uniaxial Freezing, Freeze-Drying, and Anodization for Aligned Pore Structure in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Investigation of the Sintering of Heterogeneous Powder Systems by Synchrotron Microtomography and Discrete Element Simulation
  • Nickel-Boron Nanolayer-Coated Boron Carbide Pressureless Sintering
  • Effect of Varying Displacement Rates on the Densification of Nanostructured Zirconia by Current Activation