[Image above] Credit: Visijax

It’s spring—finally.

I don’t know about you, but here in midwest Ohio, spring means that, after yet another long, cold winter, we’re finally able to emerge from our homes and experience fresh air, sunshine (fingers crossed), and some good old-fashioned physical activity.

In my house, that equates to mid-evening bike rides and longer weekend jaunts.

Those mid-evening bike rides could be made safer by reflective clothing, or, thanks to new “wearable” technology, an LED jacket that helps cyclists signal when making a turn.

Visijax’s LED-laden and water-resistant nylon jackets offer increased visibility with lights that flash for five seconds after the rider signals a right or left turn. A second set of LEDs near the bottom of the back of the jacket flashes continuously, alerting motorists to the rider. Both are powered by a rechargeable battery pack that provides roughly 30 hours of road time and is controlled by the icon on the front of the Visijax jacket.


Credit: Visijax


Credit: Visijax

The Teflon-coated coats have garnered top marks, and were recognized at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with a 2015 Innovation Award.


Credit: Visijax

The Highlight Jacket, which bears 11 LEDs but doesn’t have the turn-signaling swag, comes in highlighter yellow or red and retails for $130; the all-black but “brighter” Commuter Jacket with turn signals boasts 23 LEDs and retails for $160. Both are available for purchase at Amazon.

Check the jackets out in action in the clip below.

Credit: Visi Jax; YouTube