LG’s new smart lighting makes turning a light on or off easier than ever before. Credit: 하동훈 on YouTube.

Smartphones do just about anything, allowing us to read, listen, surf, browse, shop, work, connect, and play with a few simple pecks and swipes. Whether or not they’ve made us smarter, our devices have certainly made everything from taxes to tipping easier.

Same goes for LG Electronics’ new Smart Lamp, unveiled this week in Korea. The 10W LED bulb—80 percent more efficient than its incandescent counterparts—can be controlled by your Android or iOS smartphone.

Not only does the Bluetooth- or WiFi-connected bulb mean you’ll no longer have to drag yourself off the couch to flip a lightswitch (phew!), but according to Engadget, Smart Lamp’s many built-in features include a “light-based alarm clock and a security mode that pretends you’re at home.” (Timers are so 2013.)

Android users also have access to Smart Lamp’s “party mode,” which sets your lights to blink along with the beat of the music. Party on, LG!

Ready to make the switch? Not so fast.

To score this new smart lighting offering, you’d have to shell out 35,000 won ($32) for a single bulb, available only in Korea.

No word yet on if—or when—the bulbs will make their way to the States, where 22 percent of all energy consumed is used for lighting alone.

Feature Image Credit: 하동훈 on YouTube.