This deal is better than Costco’s free food samples on Saturday morning. Through March 31, The American Ceramic Society and its publishing partner, Wiley, have teamed up to offer Ceramic Tech Today readers a no-cost opportunity to explore and preview some of the Society’s best technical papers and books.

And by “best” I mean really good—as in, the most popular papers (as determined by the number of downloads) from ACerS’ peer-review journals, such as the Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS), the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (ACT), and the International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS).

Access to these journal papers usually requires a membership to ACerS, enrollment at a subscribing institution, or a per-paper download fee, so this is a really good chance to see what you are missing.

ACerS and Wiley are also offering a free chapter download from their three best-selling books during the 2012 period:  The Magic of Ceramics (2nd Edition), Glass-Ceramic Technology (2nd Edition) and Ceramics and Composites Processing Methods.

Of course, ACerS and Wiley hope that CTT readers who aren’t members of the organization see how much is available and decide to join the Society, as have thousands of others around the world who work in the ceramics and glass fields.

This content is from the top academic and corporate researchers in the world and is representative of the high-quality articles the journals have to offer. It includes the top-10 papers from JACerS, the top-seven papers from ACT and the top-six papers from IJAGS.

Here is a partial selection of the papers available for a “test drive” for CTT readers. From JACerS:

• Challenges in Ceramic Science: A Report from the Workshop on Emerging Research Areas in Ceramic Science, by Gregory S. Rohrer, Mario Affatigato, Monika Backhaus, Rajendra K. Bordia, Helen M. Chan, et al.

• Ceramic Dusting Corrosion of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia in Ultra High Temperature Reverse-Flow Pyrolysis Reactors, by ChangMin Chun, Sanket Desai, Frank Hershkowitz, and Trikur A. Ramanarayanan

• Corrosion- and Damage-Resistant Nitride Coatings for Steel by Mohammad Shoeb Ahmed, Paul Munroe, Zhong-Tao Jiang, Xiaoli Zhao, Magdalena Wajrak, Hua Guo, William Rickard, and Zonghan Xie

• Developing Interfacial Phase Diagrams for Applications in Activated Sintering and Beyond: Current Status and Future Directionsby Jian Luo

• Preparation of Porous Glass Monoliths with an Aligned Pore System via Stretch Forming, by Andrei Barascu, Jens Kullmann, Bjoern Reinhardt, Thomas Rainer, Hans Roggendorf, Manfred Dubiel, and Dirk Enke

• Sintering of 3D-Printed Glass/HAp Composites, by Alexander Winkel,Robert Meszaros, Stefan Reinsch, Ralf Müller, Nahum Travitzky, Tobias Fey,Peter Greil, and Lothar Wondraczek

From ACT:

• The Defeat of Shaped Charge Jets by Explosively Driven Ceramic and Glass Plates, by Paul J. Hazell, Trevor Lawrence, Chris Stennett

• Fabrication and Characterization of Anode-Supported BaIn0.3Ti0.7O2.85 Thin Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, by Mathilde Rieu, Pankaj Kumar Patro, Thibaud Delahaye, Etienne Bouyer

• Development of Monolithic YSZ Porous and Dense Layers through Multiple Slip Casting for Ceramic Fuel Cell Applications, by Amir Reza Hanifi, Alyssa Shinbine, Thomas H. Etsell, Partha Sarkar

• In Vitro Cytotoxicity of Rare Earth Oxide Nanoparticles for Imaging Applications, by Peter E. Petrochenko, Qin Zhang, Haorong Wang, Ted Sun, Bridget Wildt, Martha W. Betz, Peter L. Goering, Roger J. Narayan


• The Fracture of Glass: Past, Present, and Future, by Stephen Freiman

• Magnesium-Containing Bioactive Glasses for Biomedical Applications, by Mani Diba, Felipe Tapia, and Aldo R. Boccaccini

• Finite Element Calculation of Refractive Index in Optical Glass Undergoing Viscous Relaxation and Analysis of the Effects of Cooling Rate and Material Properties, by Lijuan Su

Glass Fiber-Reinforced Composites: From Formulation to Application, by Joy M. Stickel and Mala Nagarajan

ACerS and Wiley also are offering free downloads of the first chapters to each of the books below:

The Magic of Ceramics (2nd Ed.)by David W. Richerson
Free Chapter 1: Our Constant Companions

Glass-Ceramic Technology (2nd Ed.)by Wolfram Holand and George H. Beall
Free Chapter 1: Principles of Designing Glass-Ceramic Formation

Glass-Ceramic Technologyedited by Narottam P. Bansal and Aldo R. Boccaccini
Free Chapter 1: Sintering: Fundamentals and Practice

Don’t delay. This offer expires March 31, 2012. Why not kick the tires and see if ACerS and its family of journals and books are for you?