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Summer is in full swing here in Ohio—complete with lots of sunshine, vacations, picnics, and parties.

But if it feels like something has been missing from your summer, it’s probably because July was an ACerS Bulletin desert. The June/July double issue arrived at your inbox all the way back in late May.

But the drought is over—drumroll, please—because the August issue of the ACerS Bulletin is now online!

The cover story this month is an article about how to manufacture glass from an unlikely but abundant source—food waste. Authors I.A. Cornejo, S. Ramalingam, J.S. Fish, and I.E. Reimanis explore the problem of global food waste and provide experimental evidence that shows it is possible to produce glass by grinding and heating food waste. You might look at tonight’s leftover tablescraps quite differently after reading this article.

August also contains a feature by Fabio Trombin and Rishi Raj about developing processing maps that can be used to incorporate flash sintering into the manufacture of whiteware ceramics, a trade-off that boasts significant energy savings.

Mohan Ramisetty, Suri Sastri, and Uday Kashalikar provide another feature article about the synthesis of aluminum nitride powder, on the manufacturing scale, for next-generation applications, including a discussion of the trade-offs between synthesis by direct nitridation or carbothermal reduction and nitridation.

August also features the annual raw minerals report, a brief overview of the United States Geological Survey’s “Mineral Commodities Summaries 2014.” Want to know the most recent annual stats for the market price of feldspar, or from which countries the U.S. imports its arsenic supply? We’ve got the numbers for you.

The remaining pages are filled with all the good stuff that’s in every issue—ceramics and glass research and news, ACerS news, meeting highlights and previews, and more.

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