If there was a contest for the nerdiest piece of furniture ever made, my money would be on this Periodic coffee table. It has everything a science fanatic could ask for, including the actual elements (even the toxic ones) encased in a thick layer of resin to ensure safety. As a whole, the table is actually quite attractive—and it is sure to be a powerful conversation piece. Unfortunately, that conversation may be internal as you try to justify spending $8,550 on a coffee table.

Elements are encased in resin for safety.

The Periodic coffee table measures 4 ft × 2.5 ft × 16 inches, and if features the 92 natural elements as well as the man made elements actually built in to the table.

Makers of the table, Elemental Displays, claims: “By embedding all element samples in clear acrylic, they are beautifully presented and also protected from tarnishing. This format also helps to addresses health and safety issues, as all potentially toxic or corrosive substances are permanently encased in a thick layer of robust resin. Argon gas and mineral oil is further used to seal reactive samples and preserve their freshly cut appearance.”

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