Via Technology News, fun ceramic stuff at Matteo Cibic Studio:

Hi-Fido is a ceramic speaker in the shape of a dog. It is also strangely reminiscent of Nipper, the gramophone-curious mascot of the RCA and HMV record companies, and – best of all – it looks like a real dog that has been forced to wear a plastic cone on its head to stop it scratching its ears (pro-tip to cone-wearing dogs: don’t look up when it’s raining).

The Hi-Fido is internally shaped to use a bass-reflex system, and will bark out 150 Watts of noise. The speaker measures 40×30×25cm, and the input is via cable. We can’t see the jack socket on either of the pictures, but we can guess where it is.

Matteo is making just 50 speakers, and they’ll be on sale from April 2010 for a not-yet-decided price.

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