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Oddest announcement of the week

This is verbatim:

SCI Files Patent for Nano Enhanced Bamboo

Friday, October 17, 2008

For Immediate Release–

Survival Consultants Int’l. LLC has filed a patent on the methodology of growing nano enhanced bamboo. Bamboo is a world wide resource. The entire human race has become so entrenched in the uses of steel, copper, etc..(all building materials.) Our Patent defines the method of infusing specific nanites into bamboo. This will be distributed world wide, at world locale prevailing prices.

SCI has also entered the BFI.ORG Challenge. This is the Buckminster Fuller Institutes competition. It matters not whether we win or not, it is more important to demonstrate the reality of SCI’s claims.

Currently, SCI is culturing the above specified “Organic Nanite Enhanced Bamboo. Now known as “ONE BAMBOO.”