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Schott’s new transparent armor

Schott DiamondView Armor Products has been demonstrating its transparent armor system over the past few months. This comes after Schott took over full ownership of DiamondView Armor Products in January. DAP had been a joint venture between the company and Dynamic Defense Holdings.

The DAP glass-ceramic armor system is getting notice because of its ability to withstand multiple hits without failure and because of its relatively light weight. Schott claims DAP is cuts weight by 20 percent over currently used systems.

Another plus for the glass-ceramic material is that it blocks UV rays but is not opaque in the IR range. This is key because it allows the use of night-vision equipment. Schott claims DAP panels let in more than twice the IR than Army minimum standards.

The transparent armor was developed in a new application of Schott’s Robax glass-ceramic material. Schott also makes a defense-grade borosilicate glass, Borofloat.