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New model helps define optimal temperature and pressure to forge nanoscale diamonds in an explosion

In order to understand the processes that form nanodiamonds, French researchers recently developed a procedure and a computer model that can simulate the highly variable conditions of explosions of nanoscopic gemstones on phenomenally short time scales.



Building a better battery layer by layer

A team of researchers from Shinshu University in Nagano, Japan is now closer to a thin, high-capacity lithium-ion battery that could open the gates to better energy storage systems for electric vehicles.

New catalyst opens door to carbon dioxide capture in conversion of coal to liquid fuels

Researchers have developed iron-based catalysts that substantially reduce operating costs and open the door to capturing the large amounts of CO2 that are generated by CTL, the conversion of coal to liquid fuels.

Missouri S&T researchers win multimillion dollar grant to build fast-charging stations for electric cars

Researchers from Missouri S&T and three private companies will combine their expertise to create charging stations for electric vehicles that could charge a car in less than 10 minutes—matching the time it takes to fill up a conventional vehicle with gasoline.

Aluminum-air flow battery innovation could improve electric vehicle range, overcome slow charging

Researchers have used a new catalyst to develop an aluminum-air flow battery that could enable EV drivers to have battery packs that have a longer range and can be replaced, rather than deal with slow charging, a common problem with existing EV battery technology.

New, durable catalyst for key fuel cell reaction may prove useful in eco-friendly vehicles

Researchers have developed an alloy catalyst that both reduces platinum use and holds up well in fuel cell testing. The catalyst, made from alloying platinum with cobalt in nanoparticles, was shown to beat U.S. DOE targets for 2020 in both reactivity and durability.

A stabilizing influence enables lithium-sulfur battery evolution

Researchers at Drexel University have demonstrated stabilizing the reaction inside a Li-S battery to hold polysulfides in place—maintaining the battery’s impressive stamina, while reducing the overall weight and the time required to produce them.

Any way the wind blows

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory recently partnered in a project to improve short-term wind forecasting in complex terrains in an effort to make wind energy a more reliable resource.


Researchers demonstrate first example of a bioresorbable electronic medicine

Researchers have developed the first example of a bioresorbable electronic medicine: an implantable, biodegradable wireless device that speeds nerve regeneration and improves the healing of a damaged nerve.



Argonne to advance high performance computing in manufacturing

Argonne National Laboratory and industry partners were recently awarded funding for four of 13 projects under the HPC4Mfg Program, which leverages technical expertise with high performance computing to tackle manufacturing challenges solved by computer modeling.



Lockheed Martin partners with University of Adelaide on machine learning

A strategic partnership between Lockheed Martin Australia and University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute for Machine Learning will deliver world-leading machine learning research for national security, the space industry, business, and the broader community.

Scientists find unusual behavior in topological material

Scientists have identified a new class of topological materials made by inserting transition metal atoms into the atomic lattice of a 2-D material. The structures, called topological materials, can demonstrate different properties at their surface than in their bulk.

DuPont announces winners of Kevlar Glove Innovation Awards

DuPont announced winners of the fifth-annual DuPont Kevlar Glove Innovation Awards. The awards spotlight excellence in innovative glove and sleeve designs from DuPont Kevlar licensees who push the limits to make work gloves and sleeves more durable and protective.