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Materials stories that missed the cut this week

At the end of each week, I end up with a list of a bunch of stories I started to write about, or started to investigate or didn’t even get that far even though the topic looked intriguing, but, I had a meeting to go to …

Anyway, it’s Friday, and rather than have these stories evaporate into the ether, I’ve close out each week by providing some raw links to some of these orphan tales. Check ‘em out:

Nanotecture plans to set up pilot supercapacitor manufacturing facility

Solar plan in China’s Inner Mongolia highlights pitfalls for U.S. firms

New process that harnesses heat energy could double efficiency of solar cells

Making flexible magnetic aerogels and stiff magnetic nanopaper using cellulose nanofibrils as templates

Bloomberg: Subsidies for renewables, biofuels dwarfed by supports for fossil fuels