Trump-Tesla lores

[image above] Businessman-turned-politician cannot ignore the work of Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla. Credits: Trump: Michael Vadon; Tesla: Wikipedia

The Republican National Convention currently underway in my fair city of Cleveland, Ohio, will nominate Donald Trump as its candidate for president of The United States on Thursday.

In November, voters will “take the measure” of the candidate and cast their votes.

I don’t care to enter that debate, but many are.

Consider the headline that crossed my inbox today: “This tech CEO just bought two Teslas’ worth of full-page ads against Donald Trump.”

By which, of course, the writer was not referring to teslas—the unit of measure for flux density—but the luxury electric car.

The CEO of this story is Josh Tetrick, a food manufacturing entrepreneur. According to the report, he spent nearly $152,000 on ads in Sunday newspapers, including the New York Times and Cleveland’s Plain Dealer.

Base price for a Tesla Model S begins at $66,000. Assuming no options or upgrades, that means Tetrick spent 2.3 Teslas on the ads (maybe just 2 Teslas, before taxes).

Anyone remember what a tesla is or for whom it is named?

In SI units, it’s a kg/A·s2. Wikepedia provides the definition: “A particle, carrying a charge of one coulomb, and passing through a magnetic field of one tesla, at a speed of one meter per second, perpendicular to said field, experiences a force with magnitude one newton, according to the Lorentz force law.”

That is, it’s a measure of magnetic force.

Which should interest Trump.

The man worth many Teslas, must consider his worth in teslas.