Ocean of Light from squidsoup on Vimeo.

Squidsoup is back! Titled “Oceans of Light,” this time, the groups latest artwork is made by using reconfigured video-wall technology to create a walk-through 3D grid of LEDs. The idea is to create an immersed experience of light-based visualizations in three physical dimensions. They have designed to piece to be large enough to be considered an environment rather than an object – a room filled with countless points of light, each one contributing to a dynamic space that surrounds and envelops participant.

The first piece to be shown on the grid is to be be premiered at KINETICA Art Fair, Feb. 5-7 2010 in London. combines abstract volumetric visuals with spatialized sound, to suggest an ecosystem of audiovisual entities that inhabit physical space. Visible and audible as they encircle and fly around the room, they dance with each other and together create what is both a fully three dimensional audiovisual environment and a musical composition.