Small prototype of Ceramate NaSICON-based battery. Credit: Ceramatec

Small prototype of Ceramate NaSICON-based battery, about the size of a hand. Credit: Ceramatec

Back in September, Ann reported on Ceramatec’s efforts to develop a low-cost home battery/power storage system. Ceramatec said back then that it had developed a new battery that can be scaled up to store 20 kilowatt-hours — enough to power an average home for most of a day.

I missed it at the time, but Gizmag‘s Jeff Salton interviewed Grover Coors (yes, of the well known Coors family – Ceramatec is an offshoot of Coors Brewing), principle researcher at Ceramatec, about the company’s battery R&D efforts, and provides some really good background on how Coors/Ceramatec got into this field. Salton has lots of good detail about the company’s sodium super ionic conductor (NaSICON) material.

Last month, Popular Mechanic’s Joe P. Hasler also dove into this development and interviewed Ceramatec CEO Ashok Joshi, and Hasler was able to squeeze out some additional information.

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