Last week we published a video version of the panel of energy experts who spoke at the opening session of MS&T’09. There were two keynote speakers before the panel: Jeffrey Wadsworth, president and CEO of the Battelle Memorial Institute, and Steven Koonin, undersecretary for science at DOE.

I had planned on posting the video of Koonin’s talk on Wednesday, but we are still waiting on his Powerpoint slides.

In the meantime, here are downloadable audio versions (.mp3) of both Wadsworth’s and Koonin’s presentations, plus an audio version of the energy panel. All spoke on the theme, “Powering the Future: New Energy Opportunities for Materials Science and Engineering.”

Streaming of these files is now available. Just click on arrow.

Jeffrey Wadsworth

Steve Koonin

Energy Expert Panel

(left to right) Al Romig, Sandia National Lab (moderator)

Yet-Ming Chiang, A123 Systems (battery expert)

Gregory Hildeman, Solar Power Industries (solar expert)

John Marra, Savannah River National Lab (nuclear expert)