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MS&T’11 symposium to highlight career of Jay Narayan

Credit: Narayan, NCSU.

One of the things I am looking forward to at this fall’s MS&T program is a special symposium dedicated to the research contributions of Jagdish (Jay) Narayan, a professor at North Carolina State University. Narayan, a member of ACerS and many other sci-tech organizations, has covered a lot of territory in his research, from vacancies and interstitials in ionic solids to laser thin-film deposition, novel LEDs, high temperature superconductors and diamond-like films.

I always wince a little bit when I get notices about honorary symposia, such as this, because there is a tendency to assume the honoree is either dead or very late in his or her career. However, I had the pleasure of meeting Narayan at a special NSF conference in 2010, and I definitely came away from that encounter being impressed with the number of projects he is working on.

Besides his research, Narayan also has been a leader in his field, serving in oversight capacities at the Oak Ridge National Lab, the Microelectronics Center of North Carolina and the National Science Foundation. He is currently director of the NSF Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures at NCSU

To mark this materials allstar’s contributions, the Army Research Lab, ASM International, TMS, the Kopin Corp. and The American Ceramic Society are sponsoring this special symposium to pay tribute to Narayan.

Formally titled the International Symposium on Advances in Nanostructured Materials and Applications/Acta Materialia Gold Medal Symposia these sessions will delve into a wide range of topics:

Electronic materials:

Defects, interfaces, and thin film epitaxy across the misfit scale in dissimilar materials
Synthesis and non-equilibrium processing of functional electronic materials
Self-assembly of nano-structured functional materials
Nano-scale and atomic-scale characterization
Nano-structure-property correlations and modeling

Structural materials:

Control of nano-structures and processing of bulk nanostructured materials
Stability of nano-structured materials and grain size effects
Role of twinning and properties of nano-materials
Control of ductility and fracture toughness
Mechanical properties and related applications

The MS&T’11 website has list of the impressive speakers who have already confirmed their participation.

As far as I know, the window is still open for submitting abstracts for the symposium. The official cutoff for abstracts for all of MS&T’11 is March 15 (although these deadlines tend to be fairly elastic).