student mixer 1

MS&T’13 is underway in Montreal, and the event got off to a flying start Sunday evening and Monday morning.

Events Sunday included a welcome reception that included a sneak peek at some entries in the student poster contest and a very well-attended student mixer that produced opportunities for fun, networking, and even shakin’ it on the dance floor.

The technical portion of the meeting got started in earnest Monday morning with the plenary session organized this year by ACerS. The topic was “Advanced Materials and Manufacturing for Extreme Environments.” Speakers included Kevin Bowcutt of The Boeing Company, who discussed the challenges of hypersonic (mach 5 and beyond) flight; Los Alamos National Laboratory’s John Sarrao, who updated attendees on his group’s mesoscale materials research; and Tresa Pollock of the Univerisity of California, Santa Barbara, who briefed the crowd on materials in turbine engine environments.

Following is a selection of photos from all three events. Stay tuned for much more from MS&T’13!

welcome reception and posters 1

The welcome reception included an early opportunity to discuss some entries in the student poster contest. (Credit: ACerS.)

welcome reception and posters 2

Among attendees at the welcome reception were ACerS past president George Wicks (second from left), Donna Wicks (leftmost), and ACerS past president Marina Pascucci (second from right). (Credit: ACerS.)

student mixer crowd

Sunday evening’s student mixer attracted a large crowd. (Credit: ACerS.)

student mixer 4

The mixer provided an opportunity for networking (above) as well as a chance to get out on the dance floor (next photo). (Credit: ACerS.)



student mixer 2 



plenary crowd 1

Monday morning’s plenary session was well attended, as this photo of a portion of the crowd attests. (Credit: ACerS.)

plenary bowcutt

Boeing’s Kevin Bowcutt led off the plenary session with his talk, “Hypersonic Flight: The Final Frontier of Aeronautics.” (Credit: ACerS.)

plenary sarrao

Next up was Los Alamos’ John Sarrao, covering his group’s work in a presentation entitled “The Co-design of Experiment and Theory at the Mesocale: A MaRIE Perspective.” (Credit: ACerS.)

plenary pollock

Presenting the final talk of the three-part plenary session was UC, Santa Barbara’s Tresa Pollock, who spoke on “Materials in Turbine Engine Environments.” (Credit: ACerS.)