Lux Research’s blog reports that some of the major nano-enabled product segments are getting bruised in the recession. Lux says the trend is particularly noticeable in the automotive, construction and electronics finished-goods sectors, but has infected the whole nanomaterials value chain to a lesser extent.

As a result, Lux Research has lowered its previous projections for nano-enabled product revenues by 21%: We now expect nanotechnology to generate $2.5 trillion in 2015. Hardest hit will be two nanomaterials and two types of nanointermediates.

Among materials, carbon nanotubes and ceramic nanoparticles will see the biggest impact from the recession, due largely to their out-sized applicability in the struggling automotive and construction sectors. The relatively diverse applications for ceramic nanoparticles will enable them to recover more quickly. Among nanointermediates, nanocomposites and coatings will take the biggest whack. However, both should return near previously projected revenue levels by 2015.

Keep this in perspective, however. Even in a slowed economy, it looks like Lux is predicting that the value of these markets will still double, more or less, every two years.

Lux has a more detailed report, “The Recession’s Ripple Effect on Nanotech,” available (client registration required).