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National HS engineering program seeks energy experts

The Junior Engineering Technical Society is looking for some volunteer experts in the energy field to assist the organization develop questions for its annual high school engineering contest. JETS is a national nonprofit group dedicated to promoting engineering and technology careers at the secondary school level.

Each year, JETS organizes a competition called “TEAMS,” a theme-based contest in which “student teams work collaboratively and use the practical applications of math and science to answer engineering questions about real-world challenges.”

The 2011 TEAMS competition apparently is focusing on an energy theme and the group is seeking subject-matter experts in energy to draft questions for 2011. A JETS announcement says the 2011 competition “consists of eight scenarios, each with ten multiple-choice questions. Questions will include varying levels of academic subjects (math, physics, biology, economics, etc.) suitable for grades 9-12; background information; assumptions and givens for calculations; and applicable charts, graphs, formulas, etc.”

In particular JETS is looking or experts with the following backgrounds:

  • Energy Diversification: Develop economical and safe ways to utilize all available energy resources (crude oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal)
  • Energy Efficiency: Develop technologies that will improve efficiencies within homes, vehicles, buildings and industry
  • Energy Security: Protect energy infrastructure for both supplying and importing countries
  • Ecological Sustainability: Reduce, capture and store pollution emissions.

JETS says that “professionals from industry, higher academic institutions, non-profits, secondary math and science educators and curriculum specialists are encouraged to inquire. Authors will receive national recognition for their contribution with credit noted on printed competition sets and small stipends may be offered.”

Contact JETS if you, your organization or someone you know can help.