Ultra-high temperature materials are required in hypersonic aerospace applications, such as NASA’s X-51A vehicle. Credit: NASA.

Netzsch Instruments has announced that it is launching what I assume it hopes to be a regularly occurring conference on high-temperature materials, applications, testing, processing and diagnostics. Netzsch is calling the inaugural meeting “Hi Temp 2011” and will hold it in Boston, Mass., Sept. 20-22.

According to the Netzsch website, Hi Temp 2011 “will include presentations of cutting edge results on materials such as, thermoelectric materials, thermal barriers, piezoelectric, nuclear reactor materials, radioactive waste, high temperature ceramics, catalyst, insulating materials.”

Netzsch says there will be a lot of focus on state-of-the-art characterization methods and thermal analysis. In terms of scope of the meeting, Netzsch says it intends to cover the following topics:

  • Energy applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Melts, glass and amorphous materials
  • Thermal and structural properties measurement in ceramics and thin films
  • Processing-property relations in dielectric and piezoelectric ceramics
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Ultra-high temperature ceramic multilayer coatings
  • Construction materials

Readers can download a conference brochure here (PDF).

Netzsch makes thermal analysis instruments for  thermophysical properties measurement.

Boston is usually gorgeous that time of the year and the Red Sox are playing in town Sept. 21 and 22!