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New Chinese ceramics industry report predicts 20% demand increase

The China Research & Intelligence Agency has released a new report predicting a 20% demand increase in the Chinese ceramics market over 2009. Released earlier this month, the report, titled, ” Research Report on Chinese Ceramics Industry, 2010-2011,”  offers an extensive overview of market trends and demands.  In 2009, Chinese ceramics production totaled about two-thirds of the global production. The number of ceramics producers in China exceeds 2,000.

The report summary states:

“In China, the ceramics manufacturing industry includes four sub-industries – sanitary ceramics manufacture, special ceramics manufacture, domestic ceramics manufacture, manufacture of garden ceramics, artistic ceramics and other ceramics. In 2009, the production of domestic ceramics in China exceeded 15.01 billion, 23.23% increase over 2008; the production of sanitary ceramics was over 145 million, rising by 16.69% YOY; the production of ceramic wall and floor tiles totaled 5.38 billion m2, going up by over 15.41% YOY.

“In 2008, due to the financial crisis, Chinese ceramics industry underwent demand decline, significant reduction of export and considerable growth of inventory. Ceramics producers suffered great losses.

“In 2009, the production and operation of Chinese ceramics industry took an upturn. The total output value maintained growth. Given the close relation between the ceramics industry and the trend of macro economy, the economic recovery is of great significance to the development of the ceramics industry.  

“The demand of the downstream sectors for ceramics directly influences the supply and demand relation of the ceramics industry. The launch of “ceramics going to the countryside” policy will enlarge the ceramics demand in the domestic market. Internationally, the export of ceramics will increase rapidly with the gradual recovery of the global economy. In recent years, China’s status in the international ceramics market is raised continuously. The total production and export value of Chinese ceramics show an upward trend. Domestic ceramics still play a dominant role with the export proportion exceeding 30%. The export proportion of building ceramics was raised to rank the second. The export of artistic ceramics, sanitary ceramics and other ceramics all show gratifying growth momentum.”

The table of contents can  be viewed in its entirety here.