The second edition of ACerS’ new International Journal of Applied Glass Science is out now online and should be in the mail to those that get it that way. The articles are organized around the theme “Glass Processing.”

Here is what’s featured in the latest issue of IJAGS, including a paper being provided to the public for free on “Mathematical Modeling of Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena:”

  • “Chemical Strengthening of Glass: Lessons Learned and Yet To Be Learned”
    Arun K. Varshneya
  • Size Scaling of Tensile Failure Stress in a Float Soda-Lime-Silicate Glass”
    Andrew A. Wereszczak, Timothy P. Kirkland, Meredith E. Ragan, Kevin T. Strong Jr., Hua-Tay Lin, Parimal Patel
  • “The Liquidus Temperature; Its Critical Role in Glass Manufacturing
    Frederick T. Wallenberger, Antonín Smrček
  • “Structural Modifications in Chemically Polymerized Glass Networks and their Effects”
    Bulent E. Yoldas
  • “Further Meyer-Neldel Rule for Thermally Activated High Field Conduction in Thin Films of Glassy Se100-xSbx Alloys
    Neeraj Mehta, Virendra S. Kushwaha, Ashok Kumar
  • “Parametric Study of Glass Fiber Drawing Process
    Songke Liu, Larry E. Banta
  • “Mathematical Modeling of Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena in Glass Melting, Delivery, and Forming Processes” [free]
    Manoj K. Choudhary, Raj Venuturumilli, Matthew R. Hyre

The entire issue is available at no cost to all ACerS members.