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News from the glass and refractory ceramics world

CTT-Refractory and glass news
  • Corning Incorporated announced that it will transfer the production of Corning Gorilla Glass from its manufacturing facility in Shizuoka, Japan to its facility in Asan, Korea. Corning expects to complete this transfer and to close the east side of its Shizuoka facility by June of 2015. When Corning announced its strategic agreements with Samsung Display Co., Ltd. last October, resulting in the acquisition of Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd. (now Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd. (CPM)) Corning explained that this transaction would deliver strategic and financial benefits to the company. These benefits include the ability to leverage underutilized, low-cost, CPM capacity in Asan, Korea, to produce both LCD display glass and protective cover glass for Corning’s customers worldwide.
  • In January 2014 Unifrax has launched its 3m (10ft) length hot gas filter. With a 150mm diametre, these filters are currently the largest available on the market. They have a surface filtration area of 1.35 square meters. Specifically designed for larger projects such as glass applications, or simply where footprint is an issue, these lightweight filters can be manufactured in any of the Unifrax range of fibers and are designed to fit into a filter house design similar to that of a traditional bag house.