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News from the glass and refractory ceramics world

CTT-Refractory and glass news

Schott North America, Inc., officially inaugurated its new porous glass manufacturing process in Duryea, Pa. State funding, combined with Schott’s significant internal investment, served to expand the global production capabilities and production technology knowledge base. The funding facilitated establishment of a manufacturing process for production of a new product, CoralPor® porous glass, which is a high-performance glass used in the medical, aerospace, defense, and oil and gas industries.

Alumina Limited located in Australia reported a large loss in the first half of this year compared with the same period last year. This is mainly because Point Henry smelter in Victoria closed because of weakness in the price of aluminum.

Riverside Refractories, the St. Clair County company, is spending $2.9 million to install a new processing line and expand its production capabilities in Pell City, Ala.. Riverside Refractories manufactures specialty refractory products and supplies them to several industries throughout North America. The company’s top clients are in the iron and steel industries. Founded in 1929, the company continues to grow its product line and its operations in North America.