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News from the glass and refractory ceramics world

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O-I converts furnace to oxy fuel

O-I has converted the 180 TPD conventional air-fuel glass furnace in Muskogee, Oklahoma, into oxy-fuel technology, installing Praxair’s oxy-fuel combustion technology platform. The conversion is aimed to increase the productivity and improve the environmental performance of the manufacturing process.

Ardagh finds solution to weather impact on glass recycling

An energy efficient solution has been implemented by Ardagh gas to combat the problem of cold and wet cullet stored in outdoor bunkers during cold season. At the Nienburg plant in Germany, hot air is drawn at 80°C across the furnace, before it enters an heat exchanger that raises the temperature to 120°C. This hot air is then piped to the bunkers making the cullet ideal for remelt; annual energy savings of €116,000 have been achieved along with a CO2 reduction of 334 tonnes.

Triton Minerals’ graphite can be expanded 1,000 times

Triton Minerals has confirmed that its Mozambique Graphite (TMG) can be expanded up to 1,000 times, confirming it has a potential premium product on its hands given market demand; expanded graphite has unique physical and thermal properties and is readily converted into a number of high value graphite products. Subject to quality the expanded graphite sells for up to US$3,500 per tonne.