• Swicorp, a private equity firm, has announced the sale of a 20% stake in Ghani Glass, held by Joussour Holding Company. JHC is a private equity investment vehicle managed by Swicorp that invests in energy and energy-intensive industries. Established in 1993, Ghani Glass is one of the largest glass manufacturers in Pakistan.

• On April 13, the deputy prime minister of the Republic of Dagestan visited the JSC Kaspiysk float glass plant located in Kumtorkalinsky district of the republic. The factory is located in the village of Tube in an area rich in deposits of quartz sand, which can later become the raw material for glass production.

• The number of cathode ray tubes entering the waste stream is yet to peak in Europe, while demand for the leaded glass they contain has evaporated. A small firm in Manchester, England, — Nulife Glass — has developed a technology combining heat and chemistry to extract lead and clean glass.

• Emhart Glass has developed the Multi Gob Weight System, which allows, based on Emhart Glass statement, improved flexibility of glass container production. The new system controls both the feeder and the shear, giving a choice of gob weight and shape; as a result, each section of a forming machine (whether IS, AIS, NIS or BIS) can produce an item of individual weight and shape.

• Craig Naylor, the American chief executive of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., resigned over “fundamental disagreements” on strategy with the board of directors, becoming the second foreign CEO to abruptly step down from Japan’s second-largest glassmaker in three years.