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News, Millie, cold sintering, Roman concrete, and lots of chocolate make Eileen’s list

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My colleagues, April and Faye, have already shared their top five Ceramic Tech Today posts. My favorite posts reflect the mission of Ceramic Tech Today to bring you interesting news that may not make it to you otherwise. We filter through hundreds of press releases weekly to find what matters, so you can focus on your work. We aim to inform and sometimes entertain!

Best wishes as we round out 2017 for a Happy New Year! May 2018 bring peace and prosperity to our readers!

Ceramic and glass business news of the week

Our weekly roundup of industry news makes my “top 5” list because it is so useful. Every week we capture what’s happening in our industry and compile headlines in one convenient place for you. We know you love it, too—’CGBN’ is one of our most-read postings!

Remembering Millie Dresselhaus—A luminary of excellence

Millie Dresselhaus, who died in February at age 86, led an extraordinary life as a physicist, academic, and role model. She had not set out to change the world, but she did. Her story offers lessons that apply today.

Video: Reducing energy and manufacturing costs of ceramic materials with cold sintering

Researchers are rethinking just about everything we thought we knew about sintering. This video highlights cold sintering, which is itself a revolutionary thought. Research at other universities on field effects during sintering, thermodynamics of nanoscale grain boundary surfaces, and other transport mechanisms may redefine traditional firing practices one day.

High-tech methods confirm Pliny the Elder’s observations and reveal new insights into strength of Roman concrete

Good researchers study prior art and learn from their predecessors. But not all prior art is captured in scientific literature. In this case, a study of ancient Roman concrete revealed a formulation with remarkable stability and evidence of a standardized composition. Modern characterization tools unlocked the microstructure and pointed to interesting cement chemistry that is still relevant today.

Science speaks: Which comes out on top this Valentine’s day, milk or dark chocolate?

What can I say. Sometimes we just like to have some fun. And we assume, that you, like us, are curious about the science of life’s pleasures. 

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