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News roundup

IBC Advanced Alloys signs nuclear fuel R&D agreement

IBC Advanced Alloys Corp.  has entered into a sponsored research agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to predict and analyze the performance of the IBC sponsored beryllium oxide nuclear fuel technology and how it performs with the addition of silicon carbide cladding. Under the terms of the agreement, the BeO enhanced fuel will be evaluated and analyzed with particular attention to the critical parameters of pellet clad interaction, peak and average fuel temperatures, fission gas release and fuel rod internal pressure. It is hoped this research will further demonstrate the commercial viability of a new combined fuel technology which has the potential to deliver significant fuel performance improvements and operational safety benefits to the nuclear industry.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics celebrates 10 year safety achievement at Elkhart, Indiana manufacturing plant

Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces that its Elkhart, Indiana facility achieved a remarkable safety milestone, operating for 10 years without a single lost time injury event. The facility, which manufactures high temperature insulation and fire protection materials used primarily in the aerospace industry and the military, attributes the achievement to the development of an exceptional safety culture, fully embraced by all employees, supervisors, and management. The company celebrated the milestone with an in-plant gala event, and will distribute athletic shoes to each of its employees, along with a pedometer to promote its new wellness campaign.

Energy Department announces new investments in innovative manufacturing technologies

As part of the Obama Administration’s blueprint for an American economy built to last, the Energy Department announced new investments that support American leadership and global competiveness in manufacturing. The Energy Department awarded more than $54 million—leveraging approximately an additional $17 million in cost share from the private sector—for 13 projects across the country to advance transformational technologies and materials that can help American manufacturers dramatically increase the energy efficiency of their operations and reduce costs. These projects will develop cutting-edge manufacturing tools, techniques, and processes that will be able to save companies money by reducing the energy needed to power their facilities. These projects are a part of the Administration’s strategy for investing in emerging technologies that create high-quality domestic manufacturing jobs and enhance the competitiveness of US companies in today’s global markets.