Numbers are everywhere! They are not fun thou... :(

[Image above] Credit: Mervyn Chua; Flickr; CC BY-NC 2.0

Do you know which U.S. state has the most manufacturing jobs? Or which sector offers the most manufacturing jobs? How about the average hourly earning for manufacturing salaries?

Get all the numbers with the informing infographic below from NIST’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), which aims to lend two helping hands to small and mid-sized manufacturers. Check out their redesigned website right here for more info or to sign up for their brand new quarterly newsletter.

For more measures of manufacturing success, be sure to check out this post from the Manufacturing Innovation Blog to see how each U.S. state ranks in the Entrepreneurship Index, an important index of economic strength.

And speaking of manufacturing, just last week the U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Partnership released a report from its most recent meeting that revealed some new executive actions from the White House to continue the momentum to strengthen American manufacturing. That means more money to invest in technologies and people and new initiatives to offer better resources to assist manufacturers’ success. Find out more details from the White House’s press office fact sheet here

And because every action has a reaction, German manufacturers are spurring innovation of their own—smart factories that channel the internet to make manufacturing more efficient, streamlined, and automated.

What do you think—are smart factories the future of manufacturing?