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Advanced Structural Ceramics
Bikramjit Basu and Kantesh Balani
512 pages
US $149.95

Advanced Structural Ceramics covers the area of advanced ceramic composites broadly, with introductory chapters to fundamentals, processing and applications of advanced ceramic composites and highlighting state-of-the-art research in each of these areas. The book is organized to provide easy use by students as well as professionals.

The sections cover fundamentals of the nature and characteristics of ceramics, processing of ceramics, processing and properties of toughened ceramics, high temperature ceramics, nanoceramics and nanoceramic composites, and bioceramics and biocomposites.

Ceramic Integration and Joining Technologies: From Macro to Nanoscale
Edited by Mrityunjay Singh, Tatsuki Ohji, Rajiv Asthana and Sanjay Mathur
832 pages
US $175.00

This book addresses integration issues in diverse areas such as space power and propulsion, thermoelectric power generation, solar energy, micro-electro-mechanical systems, solid oxide fuel cells, multi-chip modules, prosthetic devices and implanted biosensors and stimulators.

The engineering challenge of designing and manufacturing complex structural, functional and smart components and devices for these applications from smaller, geometrically simpler units requires development of new integration technology and skillful adaptation of existing technology. A major imperative is to extract scientific information on joining, and integration response of real (and model) material systems currently in a developmental stage at multiple length scales (macro, millimeter, micrometer and nanometer ranges).

Tribology of Ceramics and Composites: Materials Science Perspective
Bikramjit Basu and Mitjan Kalin
552 pages
US $149.95

This book helps students and practicing scientists understand the importance of friction and wear properties of advanced materials to the design and development of new materials.

The book opens with chapters on the fundamentals, processing and applications of tribology. It then examines in detail the nature and properties of materials, the friction and wear of structural ceramics, bioceramics, biocomposites, nanoceramics and lightweight composites.

It also covers the friction and wear of ceramics in a cryogenic environment.