Industry folks: Your opinions are sought –

Dear Colleague,
I have been involved with ABET accreditation of ceramic engineering programs for ten years, and have been asked to present the current status of ceramic engineering from an accreditation perspective at MS&T this October. In preparation for this presentation, I would like to informally poll the ceramic industry on their needs for ceramic engineers, since you are the primary constituents of these programs. I am very interested in your responses to 12 questions posed in the survey located at:

Thank you very much for assisting me with this effort. Please feel free to forward the survey to other colleagues in the ceramic industry that you feel may be able to contribute.

If you participate in this survey, I would like to offer to provide you with the preliminary results. Include the email address that you would like to receive the results at the end of the survey. All responses will remain anonymous in the results document. Thanks again!

Elizabeth A. Judson, Ph.D.
University Industry Demonstration Partnership
Contract Accord/TurboNegotiator Program Manager
cell: 770-891-2212