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Patents suggest Apple iPhone 6 may have transparent texting on smudge-proof sapphire screens

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A figure from Apple’s patent application displays how “transparent texting” may help you avoid renegade cows. Credit: Apple; US Patent & Trademark Office

Walking and texting can be very dangerous, but it can be pretty darn funny, too. But one thing is certain—the phenomenon, officially called inattention blindness, is not going to be easily curbed.

Apple may have accepted that fact, because reports suggest the tech giant is making an effort to ameliorate the problem. Gigaom reports that Apple has filed a patent application for a “transparent texting” technology that would at least help texters see what’s immediately in front of them. The described technology would project an image from your smartphone’s outward-facing camera behind your text conversation, which could be made partially transparent.

But will aiding multitaskers really help? I, for one, am doubtful.

In other Apple patent news, Techcrunch reports another patent application that seems to confirm all the sapphire rumors. The patent is for an oleophobic, or oil-resistant, coating for sapphire glass to help keep fingerprints at bay. Although Apple already uses oleophobic coatings on its device screens, apparently the same tech that works for Gorilla Glass just doesn’t cut it for sapphire screens.

And in case you’ve noticed the cultural narrowness of Apple’s emojis, you may be happy to hear they’re likely getting a diversity-enhancing makeover.

Experts say the new iPhone 6 will be released this year, but the remaining details seem to still be shrouded in Apple mystery. CNET reports it will likely be later in the year, although it’s coming—Apple recently put out the call to battery makers. Stay tuned for future updates on all the rumors!

Credit: F. Hermann (Flickr).