Here are a few scenes from Wednesday at the Electronic Materials and Applications 2014 meeting underway in Orlando, Fla. Also, check out my post about the opening plenary talk by GE chief scientist James Bray.

EMA organizer Steven Tidrow welcomes attendees to the Electronic Materials and Applications 2014 conference in Orlando, Fla. (Credit: ACerS.)

EMA organizers

Coorganizers Haiyan Wang and George Rossetti, Jr. (Credit: ACerS.)


EMA Bray plen Q

Plenary speaker James Bray fields questions after his talk on Wednesday. (Credit: ACerS.)


EMA scene

Dennis Meier from ETH Zurich enjoys some coffee break happiness. (Credit: ACerS.)

EMA scenes

Penn State’s Susan Trolier-McKinstry and Georgia Tech’s Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb take a break to compare notes between technical sessions. (Credit: ACerS.)


EMA recep

Wednesday evening’s poster session and reception provided plenty of time for researchers to dig into the details. (Credit: ACerS.)

EMA poster

George Panasyuk from the Air Force Research Lab in Dayton, Ohio, explains his research at the poster session. (Credit: ACerS.)