Porsche announced in a press release that they are offering a lithium-ion replacement starter (main) battery that weighs in at just 13 pounds vs. 35 pounds for the traditional lead acid battery. “Less weight naturally means greater agility and driving dynamics,” Porsche notes. This four-cell battery runs 1,904 euros which, Porschephiles will be quick to agree, isn’t all that much for a Porsche option. It’s available on the 2010 Porsche 911 GT3, 911 GT3 RS, and Boxster Spyder.

Porsche says the two batteries have the same fastening points, connections, and voltage range. Dimensions are the same except the lithium battery is 2.8″ lower. It has a capacity of 18 amp-hours vs. 60 Ah for a standard lead-acid battery, but the Li-ion battery delivers all its power, Porsche says, while a standard battery delivers about 30% of what’s available. Porsche also says the Li-ion battery has more charge-discharge cycles and is quicker to recharge. Porsche recommends against using the lithium battery below 32 degrees because of its characteristics. You can charge it and jump-start like a normal battery and the internal electronics protect against overcharge situations.

Just to be clear: This is not a hybrid battery. It’s the main battery.