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PowerPoint slides that deliver the juice to energy presentations

Credit: NRDC.

A few weeks ago, GreenTechMedia put together a list (15 PowerPoint slides that shook the Earth) of what they thought were the most significant energy-related PowerPoint slides. They were collected from a number of sources, but author Eric Wesoff realized that while attending many presentations by researchers, DOE officials, venture capital groups, etc., a few of the same slides kept showing up for an obvious reason: The convey a lot of complex data in an effective and easy-to-understand graphic. Indeed, as Wesoff notes, some of these have become iconic in the energy wonk world and may, individually, be familiar to CTT readers.

If you check out their list, you will note that some slides try to make the same point, but approach the issue from different sets of assumptions. See the energy “prism” slides for example.

Another thing: These slides are a great example of how one can successfully break the PowerPoint title-bullets-sub bullets-fuzzy image-fuzzy chart mold. A PowerPoint slide can be just a great photo. It can be a conversation starter. It can be an instigator. It just shouldn’t be a script.

Finally, its definitely worth reading through the comments. There are lots of great suggestions and links for other slides that coulda/shoulda made the list of 15.