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Rebuilding the ‘information garage’—ACerS to roll out new website

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Eileen wishes her new garage were as cool as this one in Germany. However, she assures us, the new ACerS website will be this nifty! Credit: Vincentz; Wikipedia.

Is your garage anything like mine?

About five years ago the De Guire Family decided to build a new garage. Our pre-Depression era garage was best described as decrepit. So, we tore it down and rebuilt it from the foundation up. We threw out useless, broken, and outgrown stuff (like the blow-up kiddie pool). We committed ourselves to an orderly lifestyle and bought a bunch of shelves, hooks, and storage bins to keep everything organized.

The garage’s job is to store our fleet of cars and sundry tools and toys. Five years later, it still does that well. However, we really need to revisit our organizing scheme for the tools and toys and—guess what—throw out the useless, broken, and outgrown stuff we have accumulated through domestic entropy.

Websites are like garages. They store information and tools. They need to be well organized and orderly. Periodically they need to be cleaned out, reorganized, maybe even torn down and rebuilt. So it is with the ACerS website.

The ACerS IT team has been working for several months on rebuilding the website from the bottom up. A lot has changed in the four years since the current website was built, and we needed to improve our ability to store information and make it available to you. We needed to reorganize, upgrade our storage tools, and make the site more secure.

The final testing of the new website is in process now, and it will roll out in the next few weeks. Much of it will look and feel like the old website. We did that on purpose to make it easy for you to use with as little disruption as possible. The biggest change is in how the website organization is structured—its foundation, structural beams, storage bins, etc. Basically, we’ve thrown out the broken and outdated parts and done a “tear down” of the website, and like my garage, rebuilt from the foundation up.

The new structure will make it easier for us to bring you more information faster. It will be easier for you to get the information that you come to ACerS to find. Also important, the new website incorporates the latest website security best practices, which will improve its behind-the-scenes functionality and efficiency.

We are excited about our new website, and we think you will be, too!