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While you may be tired of hearing about this week’s election, the truth is that installation of Donald Trump as the president of the United States could have big implications for the scientific community.

There’s uncertainty for scientific funding under the new administration, because scientific rhetoric has largely been absent from Trump’s Presidency plans thus far. This is critical considering that the incoming president is going to influence some important scientific topics.

“Scientists need to stand up and be heard,” Andrew Rosenberg, a former senior official for fisheries within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and current member of the Union of Concerned Scientists (Cambridge, Mass.), says in a Science news article. “They can’t just hunker down in their labs and say that they won’t get involved because the election didn’t go the way they wanted it to.”

While Trump’s impact on scientific community is uncertain, however, he’s made countless pledges to boost American manufacturing.

But completely restoring American manufacturing jobs will be very difficult—because although American manufacturing is steadily regaining its footing, manufacturing jobs continue to decline due to increasing manufacturing efficiency and the rise of automation.

So while analysts predict that manufacturing output will continue to increase in the near future, they also predict that manufacturing jobs will continue to decrease. For further details on the state of the industry and manufacturing, look for the new December 2016 issue of the ACerS Bulletin next week for a feature article detailing a profile of the ceramic industry and manufacturing forecast.

Regardless of predictions for how the future American landscape under a Trump presidency will pan out, however, the bottom line is that it’s always important to stay informed about the issues and the government decisions that impact us all.

So, to help manufacturers stay informed, ACerS recently added a Resources for manufacturers page to ceramics.org.

This information source provides resources related to regulations that impact the manufacturing community and beyond. In addition, the page hosts a handful of helpful links to outside resources, including government agencies and organizations, that can offer further information and support.

Check out the Resources for manufacturers page now!


Do you know of additional go-to resources that help you stay informed about manufacturing-related regulations? Let us know so that we can add information to this valuable page!