1220ctt CMC handbook feature

What’s better than a complete handbook detailing technical guidance and properties of ceramic matrix composite material systems?

How about an updated complete handbook with technical guidance and properties of ceramic matrix composite material systems? Because that’s precisely what’s now available from SAE International.

The new and updated Composite Materials Handbook Volume 5: Ceramic Matrix Composites adds important data and reference materials for ceramic matrix composite materials. The update volume contains sections describing ceramic matrix composite materials/processing, design/analysis guidelines, testing procedures, and data analysis and acceptance, in addition to hundreds of useful references. 

“The primary purpose of the handbook is to standardize engineering methodologies related to testing, data reduction, and reporting of property data for current and emerging composite materials,” according to SAE International.

Part of a six-volume collection called the Composite Materials Handbook, the new volume on ceramic matrix composites adds important data to the handbook’s more than 1,000 total records of test data for various composites.

Targeted towards engineers that design or fabricate composite components, the handbook addresses a wide range of issues that arise during the process of certifying ceramic matrix composites components, even when doing so for use in commercial aircraft, for example.

According to the committee that revised the handbook, “The Composite Materials Handbook-17, Volume 5, Revision A on ceramic matrix composites has just been revised to support the development and use of CMCs through publishing and maintaining proven, reliable engineering information, and best practices that have been thoroughly reviewed. This information can be applied when certifying CMCs with the Federal Aviation Administration for use in aviation products and articles.”

“Future revisions to the document will continue to expand sections on materials and processes, testing methods, design and analysis, and data.”

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