ICACC open audience

More than 1,000 scientists and engineers dodged the deep freeze gripping much of the United States to attend the 38th edition of the International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites in Daytona Beach, Fla., which opened yesterday. The conference is organized by the Engineering Ceramics Division and includes some committee and planning meetings. Also, the ASTM C28 committee met here on Sunday.

Sunday evening’s preconference reception gave attendees a chance to meet old friends, make some new ones, and shake out their travel legs. As is ECD’s custom, the conference opened on Monday with two award lectures and two plenary lectures. I’ll summarize them for you later, but all four talks were very good. Also, this is the third year for the Global Young Investigators Forum and the first year for the Global Young Investigator Award. It won’t be long before some of the original GYIF participants will “graduate out,” but already they show signs of being ready to take on leadership roles in the larger ICACC conference.

Here are some photo highlights from Sunday and Monday. The exhibition opens this evening and will include a poster session and the ever-popular Schott glass drop contest. Tomorrow the exhibition continues as well as many technical talks.

ICACC recep Singh grp

Engineering Ceramics Division leaders and guests from India. From left: Tatsuki Ohji, Gita and Jay Singh, Jaswant Minhas, Lalit Kumar Sharma, Dileep Singh, Sanjay Mathur, Mike Halbig, and H.T. Lin. Credit: ACerS.

ICACC recep Wicks Green

From left: Fred Humes (Applied Research Center), ACerS former president George Wicks, and ACerS president David Green. Credit: ACerS.

ICACC recep planning

Planning out the week. Credit: ACerS.

ICACC recep mst

A conference without students? Unthinkable! This group came from Missouri S&T. Credit: ACerS.

ICACC recep Chopra

Nitin Padture (Brown University) and Jeffrey Eldridge (NASA Glenn Research Center). Credit: ACerS.

ICACC open Janto

ECD chair Sujanto Widjaja welcomes attendees to ICACC at Monday morning’s opening session. Credit: ACerS.

ICACC wiederhorn

Sheldon Wiederhorn was first to speak as the James I. Mueller lecture award recipient. Credit: ACerS.


Widjaja (left) and program chair Michael Halbig (right) presented the first Global Young Investigators Award to Eva Hemmer. Hemmer is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique in Canada. Credit: ACerS.


It’s what you don’t see—no snow, no ice, no parkas. For those not here, please stay warm and safe. Credit: ACerS.