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Updated May 24, 2017

To celebrate 100 years of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS), ACerS is publishing several centennial issues throughout 2017 featuring current articles that highlight some of the cutting-edge research of its members. Topics are related to specific papers published in the first volume of the journal back in 1918.

In the first centennial issue in January, editor John Halloran discussed the purpose of the centennial features and the differences between journal articles of 1918 and today. Back then, he says, “the papers had a strong industrial focus. Now in 2017, the Journal addresses a broader range of ceramic materials, with a much stronger emphasis on the science of ceramics.”

What’s also different, he says, is that today the journal is more global in scope. In its early days, JACerS articles were mainly about U.S. issues, and most authors were from the U.S. Also, World War I put ceramics front and center as the demand for war materials—including raw materials, steel, enamelware, non-corrosive materials, and glass, among others—increased significantly.

My, how we’ve come a long way!

The centennial issues feature the following special articles highlighting the state-of-the-art in ceramic and glass science:

We’re celebrating all year

Throughout the year, ACerS will offer free access to several articles that date back to 1918. In addition, members can receive discounts on purchases of ACerS products.

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Special PACRIM/GOMD 2017 virtual issue

In addition, ACerS continues the celebration by highlighting papers from all three of its Journals—JACerS, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, and International Journal of Applied Glass Science—in a special PACRIM virtual issue.

“The virtual Journal is a compilation of papers from ACerS’ three Journals with a specific theme,” ACerS managing editor of Journals Jonathon Foreman says. “Virtual issues show the groundbreaking nature of articles that make it into the Journals.”

Many presenters at this week’s PACRIM12/GOMD conference are featured in the virtual issue. Papers include:

Visit this link to read all of the articles in the virtual Journal.

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