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June 21 may be the official start to summer this year, but we’re going to go ahead and declare an early start—it’s just too fitting that the best summer read yet, the June/July issue of the ACerS Bulletin, is now available online.

So as you’re lounging on the beach, taking a break from classes, or continuing the normal routine under sunny skies, pick up the latest double issue and peruse all the great Bulletin content inside.

The June/July issue has a theme of ceramics for clean energy—which it delivers through a great feature article by Ceramatec’s Charles Lewinsohn about ceramic microchannel heat exchangers and a special student-written section that provides the perfect perspective into the future—the next generation of researchers and leaders.

Lewinsohn shows how ceramic materials can improve efficiency and reduce emissions by recovering and transferring waste heat in high-temperature and corrosive environments. Ceramic microchannel heat exchangers can help improve the efficiency of energy-intensive applications, including electricity generation and gas-to-liquid conversion. And because the devices can be fabricated on an industrial scale at economical costs, this technology has the potential to make many processes much more efficient and sustainable.

ACerS student group, the President’s Council of Student Advisors (PCSA) organizes, develops, and writes the annual student section. This year’s chair, Jessica Rimsza, pens a great introduction to PCSA and the issue’s student content, including an infographic that reports on PCSA’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.

Among the pages of the student section, you’ll also hear from a slew of undergraduate and graduate students who are researching and developing technologies that will change the future—solid oxide fuel cells, nuclear fuels, pyroelectrics, oxygen separation membranes, and more.

The need for highly skilled workers and bright minds is the very reason that ACerS recently established the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation—a global partnership that is devoted to science, engineering, and technology of ceramics and glasses.

The June/July issue of the Bulletin also brings art and science together with the PSCA Ceramics-in-Writing contest, an annual creative outlet for ceramic science students that encourages creative writing inspired by a ceramic micrograph. Congratulations to this year’s winner Haley Barnes for her poem, “One”!

Crack open this issue to also get all the research and Society news, meeting previews and recaps, new products, classifieds, and more that you love in every issue.

The current issue is free to all for a short time, but remember that all the valuable content in over ninety years of past issues of the ACerS Bulletin is free only to members—so considering joining us today!