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Tesla Model STesla plans to boost production to get more Model S electric cars shipped out in 2014.

Credit: A. Abut; Flickr Creative Commons License.

Were you left cold waiting for your new Tesla to arrive last year? If so, then 2014 may be your lucky year.

Tesla Motors recently announced plans to increase shipments of Model S cars by 55 percent in 2014, increasing production to 35,000 cars.

According to Gigaom, that means Tesla will need to increase output from 600 cars a week to 1,000 a week before the calendar flips to 2015. That increase also means that Tesla will need to boost its materials supply, in particular the lithium-ion batteries that power its beautiful electric cars.

For Elon Musk, entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, the solution is simple—build a battery “giga factory” to meet your demand.

Gigaom, reports that the factory “would have the equivalent of all of the world’s current production of lithium-ion batteries made just for Tesla in one factory.” That’s a lot of lithium-ion batteries—and a lot of ambition.

So withdraw that $86,000 from the bank (you do want the performance package Model S, right?) and get your new ride ordered.

But in case the Model S isn’t for you, Tesla’s seemingly Back to the Future-inspired Model X will start shipping out later this year.

Now, if only they’d bring back the Roadster…(It’s expected to return in 2015!)

Feature image credit: Concavo Wheels; Flickr Creative Commons License.