Participants from the 2010 Ceramic Leadership Summit. Credit: ACerS

The Ceramic Leadership Summit is about business – and the unique aspects of doing business in the ceramics industry.

ACerS president, Marina Pascucci says, “It’s not a conference of technical papers. Instead, every speaker is presenting information that can change the way you and I do business at our own organization.”

Every session is focused on a business opportunity, emerging technology, or critical business issue that the ceramics and glass industry faces on a global scale.

“The Ceramic Leadership Summit was created with a great deal of input from the ceramic business community. Sessions focus largely on issues of strategic importance to ceramic business leaders and provide significant opportunity for interaction,” notes Charlie Spahr, executive director.

If your “ceramics vocabulary” tends toward phrases like supply chains, raw material sourcing, partnership, international markets, manufacturing in China, venture capital, creating new markets, overcoming barriers to new technologies, business valuation, regulations and economics, CLS is your meeting.

The first day of the meeting is all general session – no deciding which track to attend. The second day the presentations are organized into three tracks: Energy Innovations, Business of Ceramics and Innovative Applications for Ceramic Materials. Networking events are sprinkled throughout the meeting.

Of the participants pre-registered for this year’s meeting, 75 percent are from industry, 15 percent are from universities and 10 percent are from government labs and agencies.

Read more here about George Wicks, R&D 100 Award winner and CLS presenter.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Ceramic Leadership Summit 2011
August 1-3, Baltimore, Maryland