Toilets in the kitchen isn’t quite as unsanitary as it sounds.

Fireclay Tile has introduced its Debris Collection, which is made from over 60 percent recycled toilets, more than 50 percent of that post-consumer waste.

The company says that by working with recyclers in San Francisco and San Jose, the company will take more than 150 tons of porcelain waste out of landfills.

According to an NPR broadcast, the Debris Tile line is the biggest seller in Fireclay’s $2 million per year business.

The recycled toilet tiles can be found in some of California’s trendiest restaurants, as well as gourmet foodstore Whole Foods Market.

Fireclay founder and chief ceramicist Paul Burns says he is currently looking for other recycling partners in California from which to procure old toilets.

This company video featured on Fireclay’s website gives an inside look into their recycling program

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