Turning 1: Changes coming to this blog | The American Ceramic Society

Turning 1: Changes coming to this blog

In a few days, readers will notice a major redesign of this space – and a renaming! Ceramic Tech Weekly started out as a weekly email newsletter from The American Ceramic Society. We transformed it into a blog/email just one year ago and our traffic is approaching 10,000 user sessions per month.

The “Weekly” in our name has really been a misnomer since we created the blog given that we add posts several times a day. We stuck with the name this long, primarily for the sake of continuity. But, now its time to move on. Thus, the blog is being rechristened as “Ceramic Tech Today.” There will be several design changes, too.

A note to the subscribers to the Ceramic Tech Weekly list serv: You will continue to get a “Ceramic Tech Weekly” email that will highlight the best stories from the past week on Ceramic Tech Daily. Hope that is not too confusing.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for the blog.