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Video: 7 of Tesla’s unknown inventions that put him ahead of his time

Nikola Tesla-600w

[Image above] Credit: Beyond Science; YouTube

By now you should be familiar with Tesla, the company that makes expensive electric vehicles and solar energy products. But do you know Nikola Tesla, the inventor for whom the well-known company is named?

Tesla was a Serbian engineer and physicist who improved upon Thomas Edison’s DC current by designing the electric alternating current, which then became the standard for electrical power. Tesla also invented a coil that could generate high voltages and frequencies—and his “Tesla Coil” could also send and receive radio signals.

According to this Smithsonian article, Tesla was a talented inventor but an incapable businessman. Although he died in 1943 and never got the proper respect he deserved, his ideas and inventions were way ahead of their time and many are still in use today.

Did you know that Tesla developed several inventions that were never completed? He secured funding from J.P. Morgan for a transmission tower that would transmit electricity across the globe. The Wardenclyffe Tower project was abandoned after Tesla ran out of money and Morgan failed to continue to fund the project.

Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower. Credit: Beyond Science; YouTube

His other undeveloped ideas included:

  • Wireless energy;
  • Electric powered supersonic airship;
  • Humanoid robots;
  • Thoughts camera;
  • Earthquake machine;
  • Artificial tidal wave; and
  • Infrared death ray

Nikola Tesla was indeed ahead of his time. Watch the video below to learn about his unknown inventions mentioned above.

If you have more time, watch the video at this link to learn about some of his additional ideas that were forerunners to modern conveniences we enjoy today.

Credit: Beyond Science; YouTube

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