ctt0107 NAE 50th_lo res

 ctt0107 NAE 50th_lo res

We recently got word that the National Academy of Engineering turns 50 this year!. As part of its anniversary celebration, NAE is sponsoring a video contest to highlight engineering as a profession and its role in society.

Mary Lee Berger-Hugtes, NAE Director, Membership Office, spread the word in an email that found its way to us (excerpted below). The deadline is March 31, 2014, for a chance at the $25,000 grand prize. Find all the details at the NAE contest website.  Happy birthday NAE!

This contest is envisioned as an opportunity to start a public discussion about the importance of engineering and is open to everyone. The goal is to highlight the nexus between engineering and the welfare of humanity and the needs of society.


Do you have an engineering story that you would like to share? Isn’t there an engineering tale that you’ve always wanted to tell the world about? It can be one of your past achievements or that of a colleague’s, or perhaps simply an engineering feat you foresee.


Produce a short 1– or 2–minute video showcasing how engineering connects to the quality of life, the nation or the world. You can use a camera, a tablet or a phone to make your video – it doesn’t need to be professionally done. You can partner with a colleague, work with one of your students or your children/grandchildren to tell your story. Just be sure to tell it!


The Grand Prize is $25,000 and there are other cash prizes. All the details can be found at Engineering for You (E4U) video contest.


Please help us publicize this contest by emailing the above link to anyone who might be interested. Send to family members, your alma mater, youth groups you counsel, students you know, colleagues – anyone who might have a story to share.