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Video: Do you know all about perovskites?

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[Image above] What secrets do perovskite materials hold? Credit: Science Magazine; YouTube

If you’re a regular reader of Ceramic Tech Today, you know that perovskites are a popular topic.

Perovskite materials have a unique crystal structure—a variation of the chemical formula ABX3, with many perovskites occurring as oxides (ABO3). The configuration of the crystal gives the material certain properties, such as excellent conductivity, that make it really promising for many technologies.

[Perovskite can also refer to a specific mineral as well, calcium titanate, after which the perovskite crystal structure is named.]

That’s why you hear so much about the promise of perovskite solar cells, for instance, which can offer efficiencies of more than 22%—a reasonable improvement considering the short duration of their development in comparison to silicon solar cells. Perovskites’ success in solar cells is partially due to their defect tolerance, which allows them to be manufactured much more easily and inexpensively.

But perovskites aren’t just for solar cells. The way these materials interact with light could even mean that they can be incorporated into quantum dots for next-gen display screens and LEDs.

And perovskites even stretch their materials intrigue into other fields as well. Perovskites are also a prime subject for geology and astronomy research, for instance, because perovskites are one of the most common crystal structures found on our planet, and possibly beyond.

Here on earth, most perovskite structures are found within the planet’s mantle, and they’re found in high abundance. Perovskites make up 93% of the lower mantle’s mass and 38% of earth’s total mass, according to a recent Science Magazine video (watch it below).

And beyond our pale blue dot, scientists think that other planets may have a similar abundance of perovskites as well.

Watch the Science Magazine video below to learn more about these interesting materials. And be sure to check out this recent issue of Science Magazine, devoted entirely to all things perovskites.

Credit: Science Magazine; YouTube

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