0314ctt elements screenshot

Biologist Joe Hanson rhymes through the names of the Periodic Table of Elements in the PBS series “It’s Okay to Be Smart.” Credit: PBS; Youtube.

Get ready for some elemental etymology—Dr. Seuss-style.

Did you know that elements in the Periodic Table have had some clever names all the while? 

For instance, thank the Greeks for their word “brōmos,” which bestowed bromine with a “stink”-y definition.

Watch the video above, part of the PBS series “It’s Okay to Be Smart,” to hear the full elemental rendition.

And now for a quick history lesson: Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 created the original Periodic System. 

Thanks, Mendeleev! We have named the 101st element in honor of your wisdom.

Now stop reading and watch that video above! If you’re an elementophile, you’re sure to be in love.