CTT 7-4-2018-watermelon

[Image above] Credit: Mark Rober, YouTube

Today is Independence Day in the U.S., the official birthday of the United States of America. Every year Americans celebrate the holiday with family gatherings, cookouts, and fireworks.

Credit: Barbara Friedman; Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

And speaking of family gatherings, have you thought about what to bring to the next one?

Perhaps Mark Rober, former NASA engineer and YouTube star can help.

We’ve reported on his talents in previous Ceramic Tech Today posts. Today he’s going to show you how to prepare a watermelon to bring to your next picnic or party.

Happy 4thof July from Ceramic Tech Today! Please enjoy the holiday safely.

Watch Rober’s video below and you’ll be the hit at your next gathering.

Credit: Mark Rober, YouTube

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